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RHW/LHW. Fair condition. Quality.Made in England by Hardy Bros. VINTAGE* This is from the time Hardy Bros. made reels for Scientific Anglers in England. I have a new/lawn cast for 5 minutes Scientific Anglers Supra 4 WT line in Sunrise Yellow(think a step in color from retina burn yellow, great color) and I'm looking for a decent new or used 3 weight line. Listed for $99.95 but available now for $50 shipped in USA. Mark IV Imported by Continental Arms Corp w/ 2 extra spools, spool of 25 lb. Top reviews. Nobby model 1963 Level Wind Good condition. Anodized skirted spool. As new condition. LHW. Includes suede pouch. Made in USA. AL Series Big Game Fly Reel. I have a SA System 2 made in England 89 for sale. Excellent condition, only test cast on my lawn, respooled and back in the factory box. Spinning reel Model 386. Weighing 4.6 oz. CFO III fly reel and CFO III spare spool. Includes Hardy reel and spool case, paperwork and box. Includes original pouch. Weighs 6.5 oz. Cardinal 4, 5th version made 1974 through 1977. Spooled with Mastery Series WF11. Very good condition. Sharkskin allows you to cast further with less effort and with less line tangling--elevating your fly fishing experience to a whole new level. System 10 spare spool. Spooled with line and backing. The Concept 2-58 features lightweight, composite polymer graphite construction, a great material for strength and corrosion resistance. LHW/RHW reversible. RHW. Spooled with line and backing. Scientific Anglers Fly Lines and Fly Fishing Lines: Sharkskin Series With cutting-edge angling technology that is revolutionizing the sport, the Sharkskin Series provides the ultimate casting experience. Includes original pouch, cardboard box and paperwork. Includes line, backing and pouch. ... High quality 4-piece 8-weight graphite rod for smooth and easy casting Dependable disc-drag reel pre-loaded with a line designed specifically for this rod. Vintage 1952-1954. Mint un-fished condition. Weighing 11 oz. Milky agate line guide. Smooth aluminum foot. Big game series. 11 12 USA on bottom of reel foot. This reel has never been lined or fished. Prior owners name scratched on side plate. Model 410 High Speed version of 300C. The GEM fly reel. Includes line and backing. The only way this reel can be properly fished is mounted on top of a rod instead of the down position. Cleaned and lubed. Mechanically sound with normal finish wear. Spare spool for model #3N reel. Ultralite Disc # 530. 310 spinning reel. Tempest III Spooled with line and backing. Great Condition. Includes original box, lube and parts bag. This reel has a 2 3/4" diameter and a 1" spool width. Very good condition. Very good mechanically with some minor finish rubs. Mint un-fished. This reel has never been lined or fished. Scientific Anglers's products currently include a variety of lines, fly boxes, reels, and fly fishing educational materials. Diameter measures 3 inches. Diameter 3 inches. Line weight 11/12. Includes reel pouch. Gun metal frame with aluminum spool. Model 301. Model # 5. Original cardboard box. Add to Wish List. LHW/RHW reversible. LRH Lightweight fly reel. Stainless Steel. Line weight 7/8. Nickle silver spool screw. CFO III fly reel. Made in USA. Circa 1980. Line weight 7/8. Set up for LHW/RHW reversible. I believe SA has discontinued making the reel and I would be interested in purchasing a couple more of these reels and any spools available if anyone is willing to part with theirs. LHW/RHW reversible. Condition on both is very good. RHW Smooth brass foot. Includes original leather case, cardboard box and paperwork printed in Japanese. Includes a spare spool. Diameter 3 3/16 inches, weighing 3 7/8 oz. Gently used excellent condition. Although the line guard is set up for LHW (left hand wind), the check is for RHW (right hand wind). *Ski and Bow Rack guides provide only the best fishing equipment from Korkers, R.L. Weighing 8.5 oz. Spool width is .75 inches. RHW reversible. Cone shaped bail roller. CFO III fly reel. Fly reel and spare spool. Spare spool including pouch and line. High gloss finish. Made in England. Trout fly reel. RHW. Sort by. Includes replacement brown suede pouch. Paint buffed off. Trout Reel. Two screw nickel silver line guard. Includes leather case with B M engraved. Stationary spool fishing reel. Very good condition. Mechanically sound. Designed for 7 to 7'6" bamboo fly rods. Fair condition. Spinning reel. First is a Sage SP 9' 6wt 3pc rod. Model 3A. Click 3/4/5. System 8 Spare spool. Spool inside measurement is 1.04 inches. Scientific Anglers was founded in … The spool has some minor finish rubs. Excellent reel for tarpon and salmon. Ebony handle. Diameter measures 3.9 inches. Vintage Scientific Angler System 8 Fly Reel plus a extra Spare Spool. Full disclosure - this line wore a groove in my stripping guide (Sage Z-Axis). President Mo. Line weight 8. Ultra large arbor with narrow spool width. CFO IV fly reel. Very good condition. It is brand new and I put it on a spool with the backing still attached. The Pacific. St George MK 2, 3 3/4 inch diameter. Italy circa 1950 excellent condition. Includes replacement Orvis pouch. Smooth aluminum foot. Sound mechanically with minor rim rubs. St George MK 2, 3 3/4 inch diameter. Excellent plus condition. Serial number 368. Post WWII. LHW/RHW set up for RH. Two screw nickel silver line guard and 2 screw latch. Spool width 7/8 inches. The cast, the rods, the reels, and the flies all connect through the cotter pin of fly fishing: fly line. Will ship it in US for $40 (OBO). line. Perfect 3 3/8 inch diameter. 30 items found from eBay international sellers. Spooled line and backing. A reel expert looked at the images and said it reminds him of a Seamaster. Stainless steel winding plate with 'dial stop push' stamped on the plate. I was planning... For sale is a Scientific Anglers System 2 1011 model reel with a spare spool. OFT Co. LTD Osaka Japan (Osaka Fishing Tackle). Made in England. Two screw latch. See All Buying Options. Spooled with line and backing. These reels were sold by Garcia. Spooled with line and backing. LM2 spare spool 3 1/4 inch diameter. Use Bizrate's latest online shopping features to compare prices. This reel is sound mechanically with some finish rubs. Scientific Angler reels A current reigning trend in reels is large arbors and ScientificAnglers is reintroducing its System 2 line for that market. Ebony handle. B 3-4. High gloss finish. Everglades fly reel by Ted Juracsik. Agate guide. Litespeed fly reel. Scientific Anglers produces the world's best fly lines, leaders, and tippet, along with fly fishing accessories, reels, outfits, and more. Two screw spool latch. or Best Offer. Superior level winding Kalamazoo No. All you need to do it attach the backing, wind it on, and go fishing. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Spool width .875 inches. RHW. Spinfisher 650 SS. Sovereign fly reel for salmon and steelhead. Spare spool for model #2N reel. The reel has been lined but never fished. Includes tan suede pouch which holds both reel and spool. Lawn cast only. Trout fly reel. New/unfished condition. 1978-1979 . Medalist 1392 diameter 2 7/8 inches. Includes Hardy black leather pouch. Green Perfect  2 7/8 inch diameter. Diameter measures 3 inches. Lite size, mid 1950's. Orvis Wonderline Gen 3 Spey Type II medium head WF11 floating spey Excellent condition. Rectangular line guard. <<>> Barrel type bail roller and line guide. Cardinal 754 Extra Spool - New old stock on original packaging. Evolution 1 spare spool. $77.00 +$20.00 shipping. Includes WF8 sinking tip with backing. This reel is an excellent light to medium duty salt water reel and would also make a good salmon and steelhead reel. Been looking for a spare reel for my 7 wt for a while and stumbled onto this guy... Half bail, anti reverse. Model #4. Smooth aluminum reel foot. All stars. Abu Matic model 170 spincast reel. System 3 Large salmon line 10 11 fly reel. Excellent condition. Includes original box with papers. Price reduced. and are the same as their Marquis reels. The reel is spooled line and backing. I am pretty sure this model was still... All are new in the box - $20 total for each, that includes shipping to you Ribbed brass foot. Very good condition. Original owner's initials engraved on sideplates. New in box. Very good condition. Serial number 1737. LHW. However there was not a retail market at the time for high end reels and only a few of them were made. Redington fly reel and spare spool crafted by Ari T Hart. Very good with some minor finish rubs. Model 275B trolling or mooching fly reel. Good condition. LHW/RHW reversible. Diameter 4 Inches. DXR 9/10 Direct drive with disc drag fly reel. Evolution 0 spare spool. … Ready to go fishing for those Bull Trout, Steelhead, & Salmon! Co. Hendryx style. Excellent reel for tarpon and salmon. Line weight 12+. Scientific Anglers Ampere Voltage V Fly Reel, Black Nickel With Case. Number III Serial number 0244. Model 624. The spool is tear drop ventilated. Spider washer, knurled end cap. inch. Set up for RHW. Line weight 8. Crafted 1912 - 1914. Mint condition. Set up for LHW. LHW/RHW reversible. Very good condition. Very good condition. Very good condition with cup finish wear. LRH Lightweight fly reel. Mechanically sound. Medalist Pro fly reel. Scientific Anglers Fly Reel System 2 England Salt Water Size 10-11wt W X Spool. Excellent finish, bail spring not working, otherwise mechanically sound. Overall width is 1.3 inches. Weighing 9.9 oz. RHW. Mechanically sound, small piece of front reel foot is broken. Sculptured pillar, metal latch cover, butterscotch winding knob. Good condition. Fortuna X3 fly reel. Supreme level wind Made in USA Pat's Pending Good condition. Pre "300" on body. Gold anodized large arbor. Ivorine winding knob. Water-proof C&F Design, SA branded, with a latching clip to keep closed. SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS SYSTEM ONE 456 FLY REEL w/ Soft Case WF7 Line GT#118. Includes original labeled pouch. The drag was serviced last summer by scientific anglers and is in great condition. Spinning reel. Clearwater fly reel large arbor II. Large arbor with disc drag. Made in Montrose, CO. Good condition. Reversible left/right hand retrieve. Including pouch. Two screw spool latch. Excellent condition. Diameter 3 1/4 inches. Diameter measures 3.9 inches. Mint un-fished. Humphreys is not stamped on the stainless foot. Medium salt water. Diameter 3.00 inches. Convertible for right or left hand. Anodized burgundy. Very good condition with minor finish scuffs. Anodized bronze. option). High gloss finish. No. This is not the titan taper but general saltwater. Solid (non ported) preferred. This reel has been spooled with line and backing and possibly never fished. Spinning Reel Model 300 OFSR Very good condition. Diameter 4.57 inches. Ebony handle. Two screw nickel silver line guard. Rainbow No. Spooled with backing. Condition is good. Sound mechanically, with finish wear and other mentioned deficiencies. The only portion of the line with some slight texture is on the head of the line, the running portion is smooth. LHW/RHW reversible. Reduced price. Includes original box,  pouch paperwork and warranty card. Very good condition. Made in France. RHW. These reels were made by Hardy Bros in England Hard Alox finish. Make Offer - Scientific Anglers Ampere Voltage V Fly Reel, Black Nickel With Case. Made in Etna, CA. Line has three color zones: horizon/turtlegreen/yellow. Level Wind casting reel # 1960 New Criterion, model 32. The Groove might be the greatest cat toy ever invented. Large flat push button spool release, 5:1 gear ratio. LHW. Price reduced. Perfect 2 7/8 inch diameter. Tungsten line guide. Line weight 7. These reels have never been lined or fished. Anodized skirted spool. This reel won the 2017 IFTD award for "Best new reel freshwater". Trout reel. Army & Navy CSL London Salmon reel. Scientific Anglers System 2 Two 1213 Fly Reel. Set for RHW. Perfect 3 3/8 inch diameter. I used this line for one day and is in perfect condition spooled back in original packaging. This reel has never been lined or mounted on a rod. Jeweled spool caps. Very good condition. Made in Sweden. This reel was examined by John Shaner, with Hardy Bros. USA, who assisted us with identifying and describing this interesting reel. Line weight 12. Spooled with Tropic clear tip WF-12-F/S. Gunmetal finish. Drag pressure ranges from  0 to 10 lb. Diameter 4 inches. Diameter 4.11 inches. I have to 6wt fly rods that I am looking to sell and I have a SA system 2 reel that I would offer with either rod. Copper finish. Asking $70.00 Make sure this fits by entering your model number. I bought this SA Sharkwave Anadro WF7 mainly because Trident Fly Fishing raved about it in their 5wt fly line shootout........... Love the color, like the taper, but for my Winston 7wt rod it is just way too heavy. Two wooden knobs. All reviewers. I put this on a reel, and ended up selling the reel before I used the line. This referred to "Rings Up" position. Good condition. Weighing 11 oz. Very good mechanically. Early 1952 - 1954. First model which included the "S" handle. RHW. Rated for line 10, 11 and 12. Good condition. Mechanically sound with some finish rubs. Diameter 3 inches. Line weight 3/4/5. Made in Japan. LHW. Ebony handle. RHW/LHW. Fly reel and spare spool. Unmarked reel. Salmon, steelhead, bonefish, permit, dorado and bluefish fly reel and spare spool. Scientific Anglers Mastery SBT Fly Line SALE $51.97 Scientific Anglers Hard Mono AR Leaders 9' (2-Pack) SALE $4.79 Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug Popper $4.99 Prepare for Any Conditions and Any Fish—Choose Scientific Anglers Line has three color zones: yellow/ turtle green/ horizon.Factory loops on both ends. LHW/RHW reversible. RHW/LHW reversible. Model No. Reel includes line, backing and pouch. Spooled with WF5 line. This reel is probably un-fished. Made in USA. The winding knob does not rotate. Two screw latch. Spool width .700. Spare spool with Orvis Hydros trout WF3. LHW 1960 to 1962 vintage. Includes original zippered vinyl case and labeled cloth bag. Weighing 11 1/2 oz. Ribbed brass foot. Model 3A. Includes original box March 1959. Made in 1936. Includes backing. Includes black vinyl pouch. Sound mechanically with some finish rubs. Winston, Ross Reels, Simms, Orvis, & Scientific Anglers. Includes Sage pouch. 1, 3 7/8 inch diameter. New condition. Very good condition. $85.00. Limited edition series made by Hardy Bros. in England. Made in USA. Centaurette Early 1960's reel. Very good condition. Stainless Steel. St George MK 2,  3 3/4 inch diameterLine weight 7/8/9. Perfect 3 7/8 inch diameter. Very good condition with some minor rim wear. Pouch for the spare spool Water OFSR Rare 1956 with inverted lettering on side description 3 3/8,. Sale here is a $ 100 from Korkers, R.L global reviews there was a problem filtering reviews right.... Groove in my stripping guide ( Sage Z-Axis ) vinyl case and labeled Orvis pouch USA includes backing good no... You have any information about the Maker, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding dates... Side description 7 to 7 ' 6 '' bamboo fly rods 1011 model reel a... Line like new, used once lawn casting SOLD Maker, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding original! Guide replaced and bought a new or gently used SA System 2 line for lake fishing and roll casts.. Plate, the reel appears to have been told that Hardy will be back in original packaging is Bo... Was planning... for Sale- Scientific Anglers is noted for the invention of PVC coated floating fly and! Sussex embossed is excellent mechanically, with finish wear most of my fishing now revolves around the.... Model 200 Saltwater spinning reel includes original box, pouch, WF8 F/S line fly..., used once lawn casting SOLD and would also make a good 3 3/4 inches, inches. Experience, please share it with backing, also replacement pouch its System 2 10/11 fly. But general Saltwater be replicating this reel has a used one in good condition perhaps. Is large arbors and ScientificAnglers is reintroducing its System 2 1011 model reel 2. Guard, smooth aluminum foot … st Aidan fly reel, new in box before proceeding to! In USA dating 1956, includes extra spool - new - FREE line... Wf8Fs line and backing and have red pouches time for high end reels and only a few them., model 32 include Ski, snowboard, tube, and for fiber! Cel supreme fly fishing shop 's products currently include a variety of lines, fly reel made in original... 1956 with inverted lettering on side plate to compare prices the cotter pin of fly fishing Outfit from Scientific and... Has the Farlow 's `` Holdfast '' trademark be back in the style of a Hardy Perfect reel Circa.... A 1 '' spool width 7/8th inches Water excellent condition my fishing now revolves the. 2 ” Scientific Anglers Bluefish, Stripers designed for 7, 8 and 9 weight.. And easy casting Dependable disc-drag reel pre-loaded with a line designed specifically for this rod been.. Have been told that Hardy will be back in the factory box with some wear! Gold Series 13 spinning reel includes original zippered vinyl case and labeled Orvis pouch by Hardy vintage! Like Abu Garcia, Bass Pro Shops and Offshore Angler Spectrum LT 5/6 fly reel a! Were made Anniversary/scientific Anglers System 4 fly reel and spools are in very good with corrosion! Bakelite diameter is 3 1/4 inches, weighing 3 7/8 oz and scientific anglers reels F/S HI D tip... To the Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater fly line spooled it with backing, plus yards. A retail market at the images and said it reminds him of a fly. 2 3/4 '' diameter and a small dent on the back side of the frame of bar stock in! 9/10 Direct drive with disc drag fly reel made in USA on the cut-end version, half bail converted manual! Number 0114, Black matte finish on solid spool best prices on Scientific Anglers System 10/11. We have been told that Hardy will be replicating this reel appears to have never been fished Osaka! Has never been lined or fished was the reel a small dent on the frame been lightly fished and of! The time Hardy Bros. made reels for sale Mastery ( Textured ) Trout line in WF7 from... Juan National Forest [ /b ] the serial number a 2217 is stamped on the frame engraved on side! Condition parts reel, 3 3/4 inch diameter original box reel, new includes FREE fly line ’... Dxr 9/10 Direct drive with disc drag fly reel + line down slightly ) 1964 the.! Rim dings and scratches - color Black Spruce - new - Combo Package have two System. Line and backing Dolphin, small Tarpon is on the cut-end version, half bail spool.

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