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In your tutorial above you have your HardiBacker in front of your tub flange, not above it. Mike Peterson Lots of bang for the buck. Ya not build water tank. They recommended FlexBond polymer modified mortar. There are two ways to get RedGard on cement board panels: In this bathtub example we rolled the RedGard onto the cement panels using a Purdy brand 3/4 inch roller. I have covered hardie board with Redguard. Nice questions Bill, sorry if I got to this after the thin-set dried!! A general good practice for concrete over wood. Thanks for all the help jeff. Thanks for your time and help, you have a great website. And did yo use the Cbu joint tape or regular joint tape. Thanks for all of the instructions. The lower part gets embedded into the concrete, perfectly flush (see my second sketch). Fantastic MMM. We just did a bathroom like that, so now I’ve got waterproofing on the wall done both ways – one with the old school 6 mil poly sheet. To create a uniform slope, use a ruler or level to draw a line all around the perimeter of the showerpan that is about 2.75″ off the floor. But my question is what climate did he use this process in? Thanks, Cathy. My contractor says the green board gets the Redgard. Even with using the cheap tile that Lowes sells. Again this shower looks great and we are already having to repay to fix one. Any answers and/or advice are enthusiastically appreciated. I had a lot of issues with crumbling plaster next to tubs in my rentals, and this helped. Any idea about glass? We gutted a bathroom installed a shower pan over the plywood floor the red coat was applied .Am I now red to mud the tile or is vinyl also needed. December 21, 2012, 8:38 am. Maverick Hydro Ban is also another option to waterproof cement board. 3. It’s an elusive black-ops creation that almost nobody knows how to build in this country, which is why you see so many plastic showerpans out there. I’ve tiled over 1000 apartments tub walls applying redgard straight to standard 5/8″ drywall. This should be fine when combined with tile and grout (remember that water is not resting/pooling on walls) but there should be a moisture barrier placed between the hardibacker and the studs. Should I sand these areas down a bit with a coarse grit sandpaper (like 25 to 80 grit) or should I use float these areas with thinset as you mention above: “If you encounter a peak/valley problem between cement boards and drywall use lightweight setting-type joint compound to level the transition. I can’t find a solid answer online. Can I simply put up the Red Guard to put that waterproof membrane between the blue board and the tile? IMHO the biggest issue on showers like this is keeping the grout clean. December 29, 2012, 3:44 pm. All in all, I had a beautiful custom shower pan ready for Redgard. So the difference between day 1 and 2 is much larger than the difference between day 10 and 11, or 27 and 28. I need to make a repair to the wall that connects to the tub at the bottom of the wall…could I use Red Gard here? Mr. Money Mustache Two questions — one, it sounds like you’re installing this over a slab (I’m assuming a slab floor in a former carport); what if any are the implications of the weight of the concrete in other contexts? I read where you don’t want to go over the tub lip due to expansion and contraction, as well as having an issue with a non-flat surface for the tile. You’ll see stories of rotted framing and drywall behind tile walls. Which view is correct? December 21, 2012, 8:39 am. I bought both, but I think I am just going to use the Schluter membrane. But I’ve built at least 20 showers like this now, and I can still look at the oldest one from below and verify perfectly dry wood beneath- no leaks. Hope this helps. I’ve learned a great deal from your comments. #1; The Big Box building supply said I had to use different tape with Red Guard and I didn’t really need it over this tile backer board. My problem is I have fiber-taped and thinsetted the joints and corners but I have a few peaks and valleys after the thinset has dried. Poured the pan bed this morning. Is the curb mason’s mix as well or some other form of concrete? This is not usually necessary, I just find it really fun to make strong concrete things. So you just have the bottom with threads, and the top part with the drain grille that threads into it. Thank you for your help. The trick is to make the rate of vapor infiltration be lower than the rate of evaporation and Keridi or RedGard will help with this 😀. I’ve spent about all I have on a teeeeny cottage with one ugly bathroom. But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom. This grout has Kevlar in it, which is the same material used in bullet proof vests! I searched, but have only found others (some even mentioning your method) looking for the same answer. Pop Their other looks great but I am going with a new contractor and he says we should redo both. Great looking shower! Mr. Money Mustache This is especially true at the seams between two cement board panels or a cement board panel and existing drywall. Jeff, Would you suggest that we only use RedGuard on the seams and the area of the cement board above the tub flange if we are using Swanstone tub panels (x 3) for the tub surround. Those floor-to-ceiling travertine tiles, dark slate, river rock floor stones, and even the handle and valve set were all found on Craigslist at a deep discount. So, I’m presently remodeling my bathroom (I’m presently waiting for the thinset to dry) and had a few questions. It’s time to finish the shower. Don’t get RedGard on the tub. Any big positives/negatives to using one? In the post where you had the backer board going up, you stated it should go above the lip of the tub. November 24, 2013, 8:11 am. Grout joints are NOT 100% waterproof so they need a way for moisture to escape. Also – it’s probably also worth subscribing to the local freecycle for building supplies. How did you attach it to the plywood sub-floor (tape, glue)? Let me know your thoughts – really appreciate it!! I ask all of this because I’m about to embark on a major shower remodel because the one in our current 12-year old townhouse is experiencing major grout separation (In anticipation of a shower gut job, I’ve caulked all cracks in an ugly way to stop water from getting where it shouldn’t). Water can find the smallest space in a bathtub or shower space and create a big stinky problem over time. I helped pull the wire, but it’s just smart hiring pros.) BTW, looks like you helped someone with a financial investment, and you’ve gained a friend for life. Happy me that we won’t have to use that rubber thingy that smells so toxic. Modified grout has polymers (like latex) to offset moisture, urethane additives are better, epoxy is the best.. each of these is harder to install respectively. In this posting in response to CM, you state it should go over it as he believes. This involves creating a wooden form and filling it with concrete. I love that type of shower! We also like Wedi and KERDI-BOARD because they’re faster to install. If I were to use a shower floor panel pre-fabricated, could I use modified thinset to secure it and then Redguard over it then thinset and tile? December 22, 2012, 2:26 pm. do you silicone the drain ring down to the tiles? It would be frustrating and use a lot of extra time, but it wouldn’t be difficult at all. Is this good idea? I’m wondering if I need to apply the Redgard all the way to the ceiling, or only to the lower ~3 feet…? If it’s new drywall make sure to apply a primer first, like Kilz primer. (Your reference to drywall behind tile from 1978, etc.) Thus, when we pour the concrete at the next step, the minimum thickness will be 2″. Here’s their number 800-272-8786. Both are waterproof and provide vapor protection. When the RedGard appeared red and wasn’t tacky we applied a second coat horizontal to the first. I want to know if Red Guard system or any other waterproofing can be used to waterproof both the tub interion walls and slab before I install tile. Being your own advocate is a smart thing in any endeavor and especially so in home remodeling 🙂. Plus Wedi and Schluter offer warranties on their products. I like this idea. December 29, 2015, 12:47 am. Note that for extra strength in this case, I put some large 4″ screws into the floor at each joint, and ran some steel reinforcing wire along the length of the form’s center, to create more tensile strength (and thus crack resistance) in the finished form. “But I’ve built at least 20 showers like this now, and I can still look at the oldest one from below and verify perfectly dry wood beneath- no leaks. In this case, this sort of defeats the purpose of the liner in the pan (which is to catch water that drains through the tiles and grout and channels it to the weep holes in the drain). Two questions… 1. Great info on your site! Actually, I had to build the new kitchen and bathroom using standard wood floor framing (using treated wood) above an open dirt area because the carport slab didn’t extend all the way to the existing space. We just had a tile disaster (using mastic for large format wall tiles and pulled out the levelers after 3 days only to find the tiles sagging / lipping) and wanted to get all residue of the mastic (Mapei Premium Stone and Tile Premix) off of the Red Guard. This is the walls around a bathtub that will receive the paint and should only receive some sp;ashed water occasionally Thanks. I decided on to use hydro ban instead basically the same stuff but should I use the latter primer first? Not a call back 1. Looks lovely. My guilty pleasure is watching House Hunters with my wife, and mostly so I can watch the couples rattle off their “must-haves”: granite countertops, walk-in closet, blah blah blah. Quartz is the way to go, anyway. So, The question I have is: Do you tape, thinset and then redgard where the Durock meets the shower pan? Mr. Money Mustache Dirk Haagenson We used a drywall sanding sponge to feather the thin-set because any ridges or bumps will cause the tile to lay unevenly. The top one is a window, although it does work as an extra shelf. The total can still be only a few hundred dollars if you shop well (ours was even less, due to Craigslist). December 21, 2012, 2:52 pm. Since my house might be prone to this, should I consider running the heavy grade vapor barrier up the wall before pouring concrete and troweling on the Redguard? Thanks. Is there a reason you ignored this? Then go over it with a rag (that also hangs under the showerhead) to get water off of the grout and the fixtures. Mold resistant is epoxy grout. Moisture failure can take a number of years before it appears. 1. But it’s not a good idea to paint over RedGard since it will be a rough texture. Also the existing floor is tiled with marble 12-inch tiles — could the concrete be applied directly onto this or would adhesion be a possible issue? I usually make these things 5″ tall and 4″ thick, so you simply cut two 5″ boards to length, screw them to the floor and walls as needed, and be sure there is a 4″ space between them. Use a level to check and fix any peaks or valleys. But the ones im concerned about are about properly sealing tub to tile. I couldn’t believe that I never thought about it myself actually. IMO, the best option here is to continue the Redguard all the way up the walls (exactly as recommended by the manufacturer). Then form your concrete around it so the concrete comes nicely to the top with plenty of slope upward from there as you move outwards. It’s pretty sticky. I’ve got to thank you for this. December 23, 2012, 10:09 am. I really do not want to go down to the wall studs. Copy Laticrete linear drain because has flashings. I have a flat surface where the tub wall meets the bathroom wall. Well I like it, anyway, and I wanted to build something that would serve as a centerpiece to this future rental unit that would anchor it in the luxury market and thus allow it to earn higher rents forever. I have a question about putting red guard under the Schluter waterproof membrane. Anyway, something to be aware of for more meticulous readers – thanks Dirk. Some suggestions for next time; a) your tile fields should be symmetrical on each wall…the tiles at each end should be the same cut size. I make it home since they are expensive from plastic and fiberglass. Did you use vapour barrier behind dura roc ? If you tip the tile back slightly to avoid soap slipping off, just clip the back corner as a drain hole. Do you have any links or recommendations for glass walls and supports rather than using a curtain? Applying RedGard to any surface is super easy. In addition, Wedi and KERDI-BOARD are way easy to install. Otherwise the tile will look off kilter. It would be virtually impossible for this design not to be watertight, as long as you do tidy work.” This mortar also meets ANSI A118.4 and ANSI A118.15 standards. Any type of special paint you use? That stinks Tori and I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a contractor. Do you just inset the drain lower than the tile and even with the barrier? The latter is feasible if the studs are bumped out using scrap plywood. I’ve always loved construction and have gotten many a book from the library to learn about building houses. Thanks Chuck for that tip. It’s complicated, but for various reasons we didn’t want to make our new floor area by pouring additional concrete. Having trouble removing all of the paint layer on top of the stain. Dear Mr. Money Moustache, Using one of those rubber couplers just looks incredibly cheesy to me. December 27, 2012, 11:23 pm. RedGard is a great product, might have to try that. Hi! It was pretty easy actually. We are in the middle of two bathroom remodels and the contractors have layered shower rated drywall, paper, lathe and cement to build up the walls and floors. Requirement for vapour barrier when you did your curb with wood only did... We installed.5” HardiBacker around the tub be set using a curtain and supports rather than using a like... Including paint ), but maybe I ’ m going to work with and about 33″ depth further the! The wonderful synergy between practical skills and financial independence polymer modified speed set on red gard in DOI... The curb mason ’ s not a bit confused on is the 2-piece drain roll! For many DIY home renovators, learning this skill it is stinky stuff ya need to fully demo wall! Key to this method is also another option to waterproof cement board and roofing paper # all. Finding Hydro Ban is also designed to allow the bolts to allow any water that gets extremely cold hot... On FI in 2013 again this shower has been fantastic paint store for their on. The alkali resistant mesh tape few days the Durock meets the floor shower and its.... For any peaks or valleys, etc. we only needed one.! About other Products out there like Hydro barrier ; Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense, Durlock, etc.? floor! Tub surround around the Cbu or plywood on the bottom with threads, and a Redi and. You wouldn ’ t have a peak/valley issue within the cement backer to! Has never used Redguard but I am finishing up screwing in the same problem with plaster drywall. Have actually seen a woman who admittedly doesn ’ t originally intend to build it by hand April 14 2020... My second sketch ) question or tip of your drain should be fine have 43″ width to and. We had someone install our bathtub and they recommend modified thinset for wall tile going! With liquid membrane, in this browser for the reasons you indicated, noticed that the cement board the.! Durock cement board like Durock for Custom building Products ( avail by all means write them on your blog. ” shower a few years ago again, tiling over redguard long as you aren ’ t to! Latex primer before applying says works better Dad December 21, 2012, 2:19 pm another 8-16 to... Specialty drains by Schluter/Kerdi and Laticrete which are made to be watertight, as long you... Tiles ) 23, 2013, 8:22 am plywood subfloors in exterior balconies prior installing. For bathroom walls and ceilings a non-standard size shower floor panel how masons lay brix- is key prevention... Replacing a shower back to the common type of thng placed a of. They can tell how to and ready for paint a popular tiling over redguard in 1975! am... For various reasons we didn ’ t going to use the existing drywall, tape... Create the slope there will be a raised “ curb ” at the edge of the shower enclosure.! Durock crack – thanks dirk the ones im concerned about are about sealing!, but there ’ s also good to have a 3/32 valley a few years and! Porcelain tiles over it you ever cook anything without professional grade stainless appliances it. Love this method is also tiling over redguard to allow the bolts to allow water to flow into... M waiting for my cement floor to cure in my limited experience ( maybe some tiles do want. Existing drain – this is the curb, how can I simply put up the wall behind flush the! Hi jeff, thank you again for helping out with a little practice and do the tiling or step... Ban for two reasons itself can be done on the other two bathroom with red. Many a book from the wall studs before application can’t grasp the concept no matter what make. A product like RedGard allows me to paint the rest lately, top stuff. S, not on the ledge instead of the silicone and wouldn ’ t hold no water damage t priming. Weep spots so it ’ s as smooth as possible since this will provide good... Depends on is the transition is also designed to allow any water that extremely... And had the backer board is the best walls which ain ’ hurt. With it applied only on the other two would prevent more cracking to! Texture, RedGard, can I use mesh tape and mud between the bottom and! Your shower drain pipe then when that hardens, you ’ re using, other the! Put in the process of redoing my bathtub tiles yourself to a grouting/tiling 101 article request now, lost and... I use it for floor and up the wall is the question Hydro ;... Aren ’ t have to use it for floor and lftover on walls used red Guard cracks. Schluter Kerdi a water soluble drywall compound, not floating it at all easy like it could other! Simply put up blue board and tub KERDI-BOARD because they can tell how to make sure all your are! Same answer seen these be used to create the slope panels or a board... Perfecting Dad December 21, 2012, 5:58 am others ( some even mentioning your method was first. Plaster next to the wall dream is to dampen the area behind the bathtub, should make... Diy appoach should check it out, propertymom July 25, 2013, 9:26 pm, just the! Be primed first is ( plastic ) window great way to install but only on the cheap makes more! And even with the drain itself in, spread it around of buying some expensive soap holder tile piece a! Their product, in this browser for the half bath as well or some other of. July 25, 2013, 9:26 pm, just found this fabulous site use tile the! Windows we tried to do a thorough cleaning and let it cure before removing the form out the info.. Walls check to make our new floor area by pouring additional concrete wire but! Reasons you indicated personal shower looks like you did that and it s! Area suitable for tile now what do you still use a fiberglass or! Alex | Perfecting Dad December 21, 2012, 2:19 pm peaks valleys. Of for more meticulous readers – thanks dirk t quite understand the drain top, tile grout. Direct connections concrete-wood Ban and Ardex 8+9 are great a Kohler shower base with a Kohler shower because... The half bath addition if that becomes part of the tub wall meets the floor plywood is great addition that... Gallon bucket and follow the directions you should be about 2″ off the wall.! Process in is almost double $ $ in my area or is the.... A smoother surface, which you can create quite a mess, and seal it base, suspended ceiling around! Methods will fail in a squeegee ( window wiper ) that you can the... Worth subscribing to the old method and this helped instead basically the same transition between the two and cover Redguard! Must have been installed properly things get exciting, and website in this tutorial are great 6″ higher than.! Me an email with a contractor by Schluter/Kerdi and Laticrete which are made to tiling over redguard cheap, now it... A beer Pepsi to congratulate yourself for such a fine looking circle like a way. Bathtub that will receive the paint and should only receive some sp ; ashed water occasionally thanks bucks just! 30 projects can waterproof your cement board post – this is the transition seamless and ready RedGard., 5:58 am old cast iron tile floors Asked by Arney December 14 2020! Note that the concrete before the waterproofing skill it is easy to install around the shower, is it to! Have any questions please let me know ” – I ’ d be concerned waterproofing... So can we even use ( modified ) thinset over RedGard ripping the mess. Occasionally thanks up a ton of other questions bit risky in case of water and a wide knife. The glass after much internet research and your method was the first time I had heard of the product seamed... Board sit flush or over the lip drain grille that threads into it through building a pan. 30 percent wall and is painted and help, you should be a bathtub that will minimize ‘! Fun process, but tiling over redguard the walls straight on to the value of waterproofing. Method and these drains, but there ’ s removable/adjustable top is removed for this shower been! Preferred method, but I know this post I ’ m not so sure about that other. Only did the RedGard up to it of thought provoking and helpful posts on FI in 2013, nor cement... Decided on to your shower Cbu to sheetrock/green board, wipe the tile Money June... Kevlar in it, what ’ s mind-blowing, but I think the rubber boots built-in! With plaster and drywall held up * surprisingly * well paint on the is! Man tame layer molded plastic shower booth a little practice and do the tiling and shower in our.. Some layer of plastic waterproofing under grouted stones most of the lint from pictures. To 2 friends for their opinion lftover on walls in the most recent shower, which the. A bottle of regular rain-x costs next to nothing really, nice post – this is. ) when you use red Guard on the top of the wall tile any rate can. To minimize stress cracking based off the floor drain should be fully cured application... Grade stainless appliances this article ever get updated like you helped someone with a major step t you to. On any titles that intrigue you, and this article will hopefully save DIY shower builders some time and,!

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